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Municipal Water Supply

Since the 1990s, in economically developed areas of China with severe water pollution, the ozone-activated carbon process has been widely adopted in water treatment plants, resulting in significant improvements in water quality after treatment. Since 2002, Guolin has successfully developed ozone generators with air sources of 3 kg/h, 5 kg/h, and 10 kg/h, breaking the domestic record of not being able to produce ozone generators above 2 kg/h in capacity. Since 2004, Guolin has provided ozone generator systems ranging from 2-12 kg/h to various water treatment plants, including the Lijin Water Plant, Shenhua Living Area Water Plant, and Hualian Sanxin Petrochemical Water Plant. In 2008, Guolin won the bid for the 20 kg/h ozone generation system of Kunshan Third Water Plant with a capacity of 200,000 tons/day, competing head-to-head with imported brands and marking the entrance of domestically produced ozone generators into the deep water treatment industry. To date, Guolin has provided nearly 300 ozone generators for water projects, totaling approximately 2,000 kg and serving over 120 water plants.



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